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Followers / Likes Delivery Policy

Inorder to deliver Followers, it is important that you should send us correct and active instagram username. igFollowers will not be responsible if you misspell or send us incorrect username. Inorder to deliver Likes, it is important that you send us either Instagram Username or EXACT url of the photo for which you want the Likes. You can send maximum one URL's per 2500 Likes. If you dont provide the URL of photo, igFollowers will select any photo from your profile to deliver Likes.

For both Likes and Followers, it is MUST that your profile is not set as PRIVATE.


Refund Policy

igFollowers maintains a limited Refund Policy rule. We will grant a full refund if you are not delivered your purchased likes or followers. In order to recieve your refund back, you must contact us at sales@igFollowers.me and allow us 1-2 business days to fix your issue. If then, you still don't recieve your order we will gladly refund your purchase. We work really hard to bring you an amazing numbers at such a low price, so we ask that you do not make any false accussations or false claims. igFollowers reserves the right to refund if you did not provide username / url or if your profile is not set as public without which igFollowers team can not render the require followers or likes.

Purchase at your own risk

igFollowers can not guarantee that all the likes or followers will stay. Social Media sites sometimes limit our account so that is why we give you an extra on each order. We do our best to train our profiles (in which they have been trained for several months now). Although, if at anytime a Social Media site decides to delete these accounts, then you will in no way hold us legally responsible for any damages it causes you. You are purchasing at your own risk and we can not guarantee that every like or follower will remain. The followers we offer come from different unique IPs so your account will be 100% safe. They will be coming from real HIGH-QUALITY instagram accounts! igFollowers would like to point out that the followers you will receive are NOT active, and will not perform social activities such as commenting or liking.


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